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Increased Affordability

Decrease educator preparation expenses through a variety of programs (e.g., student loan forgiveness, program cost reductions, and scholarship programs). 


West Virginia Department of Education

The Grow Your Own Teaching Pathway Program in West Virginia offers a route for high school students to pursue a career in education. The program boasts various advantages, including an early college enrollment opportunity, an introduction to the teaching profession, a complimentary Core Praxis exam, reduced costs for dual credit courses, the option to complete a bachelor's degree in just three years, and the chance to earn a salary, benefits, and seniority during the residency year. During their junior and senior years in high school, students spend time in their local county schools. Participants graduate high school with approximately 30 credits from dual enrollment/AP courses, allowing them to start college as sophomores. They then proceed with a year of education coursework and testing, followed by a yearlong teaching residency supported by both the university and the county. Graduates attain a bachelor's degree in education and enjoy priority in hiring from participating school districts. 


Rio Salado Community College 

Rio Salado Community College offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Elementary Education and Special Education is intentionally structured to furnish pre-service teachers with the essential knowledge and competencies essential for achieving their educational aspirations and prospering in their chosen careers. Successful completion of the BAEE/SPED program qualifies students to seek the Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education (K-8), Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Special Education (K-12), and the Structured English Immersion Endorsement. The BAEE/SPED degree costs less than a third of typical university tuition expenses and contributes to enriching the pool of educators, as community colleges are recognized for their diverse student body. 

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