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Community Building

Provide opportunities for educators to build supportive social relationships (e.g., professional networks, employee resource groups).


Putnam County School District

The Putnam County School District (Palatka, FL) operates a Novice Teacher Mentor Program that aids new teachers in their first three years to become effective educators. The program emphasizes both retaining and recruiting novice teachers. It utilizes four full-time district mentors who offer personalized assistance based on each teacher's requirements and experience level. This encompasses various areas such as instructional strategies, lesson planning, classroom management, and small group teaching. The program's success is reflected in its outstanding novice teacher retention rates, which have risen from 65% in previous years to 89% - 93% over the past five years. This progress is attributed to ongoing evaluation, leadership support from the Superintendent, and positive community partnerships that foster a supportive and welcoming environment for teachers.;; 

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