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Pay Equity

Monitor systems, structures, and processes to ensure internal and external pay equity.


The District of Columbia Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund

In 2022, the District of Columbia achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first jurisdiction in the US to use dedicated public funds to supplement the salaries of early childhood educators. This initiative, known as the Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund (or 'Pay Equity Fund'), builds upon previous innovations in universal preschool and early childhood development. The primary goal of the Pay Equity Fund is to bridge the wage gap between educators working in licensed childcare facilities and those in DC Public Schools (DCPS). By enhancing the compensation of over 3,000 eligible early childhood educators in around 480 licensed facilities serving over 26,000 children, the Fund aims to achieve pay parity. The progression of the Pay Equity Fund also offers a platform for research and evaluation, supporting fund administrators, childcare directors, educators, and similar efforts in other states and municipalities seeking sustainable solutions to address wage disparities in early childhood education. 

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