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Meaningful Work

Help educators feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.


Who Taught You

"Who Taught You" is a movement addressing the educator shortage and the need for investment and policy changes in the education system. The campaign aims to increase respect, recognition, and compensation for educators by collecting and sharing stories from people with large public platforms (e.g., celebrities, athletes, business leaders, and policymakers) about the impact of teachers. The goal is to shift the narrative and generate a supportive conversation highlighting educators' role in shaping children and safeguarding democracy, ultimately rejuvenating their sense of visibility and purpose. 


Michigan Department of Education

#proudMIeducator is an initiative by the Michigan Department of Education to recognize, uplift, and celebrate exceptional educators in the state. The campaign employs multimedia to showcase outstanding teachers, fostering a sense of community and bolstering efforts to retain educators. The campaign aims to enhance the overall perception of the teaching profession, thereby attracting and retaining high-quality educators. By demonstrating respect and appreciation for teachers' contributions through the campaign, it aims to address the issue of low teacher retention. The initiative calls upon students, parents, educators, communities, and stakeholders to unite in acknowledging and highlighting the unsung heroes in Michigan's schools, ultimately creating a positive narrative around the teaching profession. 

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