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Organizational People Strategy

Develop comprehensive strategies to recruit and retain educators. Unpack your organization’s competitive advantages and leverage them appropriately. 


Denver Public Schools

Denver Public School’s Office of Talent outlined a Strategic Roadmap that details the importance of continuous improvement, recruitment and retention of a high-quality workforce, and total compensation packages at or above the market rate. During the 2023-2024 academic year, primary objectives include (1) strengthening and expanding initiatives to recruit, hire, retain and advance team members of marginalized identities across organizational levels and (2) recruiting and retaining team members committed to achieving equity.  


Arizona State University

The Next Education Workforce initiative through the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University is a comprehensive human capital management strategy that addresses teacher turnover and broadens pathways for aspiring educators. Its cornerstone is the innovative approach of team-based, strategic school staffing. Team-based staffing is at the heart of this model, reimagining how human resources are utilized in education. It involves the formation of diverse educator teams consisting of lead teachers, professional educators, teacher candidates, paraprofessionals, and community educators, who collectively take responsibility for a larger group of students. Each team member contributes unique skills and perspectives, leading to a more dynamic and effective educational environment. The model introduces differentiated roles within the education workforce. Recognizing educators' varied talents and interests, creates specialized roles, allowing individuals to focus on their strengths, whether in instruction, curriculum development, or student support. This differentiation not only enhances job satisfaction and retention but also maximizes the potential of each staff member, contributing to a more robust educational system. 

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