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Strategic Leadership

Ensure leaders are empowered, strategic decision makers accountable for organizational outcomes. 


School District of Philadelphia

The School District of Philadelphia’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan centers schools and school leadership teams as the units of change. Strategic leadership actions include but are not limited to (1) launching a superintendent’s advisory group with external stakeholders and community partners, (2) establishing instructional leadership teams at every school, (3) administering annual school leaders surveys, and (4) developing succession plans at all levels of the organization. Such actions align with a collaborative decision-making model that includes families, students, and school staff members’ perspectives.; 

Highline Public Schools

Guided by our design principles, strategic staffing is about curating the workforce needed to ultimately serve students. It intentionally focuses on building effective learning teams and implementing practices that center on the recruitment and retention of educators of color. Our Strategic Staffing practices have been implemented through a Leadership Cadre with the direct intention of curating the leadership workforce in alignment with our district goals, ensuring that we are building complementary leadership teams across the system that share our values of equity, student-centered operational leadership, and authentic family and community partnerships. As a result of our Leadership Cadre Hiring process, selection outcome data highlights a correlation between Strategic Staffing practices in the leadership selection process and diversification of the leadership workforce. We continue to identify, and leverage opportunities for continued improvement of our practices in alignment with our Strategic Staffing Design Principles.  

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