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Talent Acquisition

Find, attract, and hire qualified educators.


St. Joseph School District and International Alliance Group (IAG)

The St. Joseph School District (St. Joseph, MO) partners with a placement agency that recruits qualified individuals to teach various grades. This agency, called the International Alliance Group (IAG), assists in recruiting, obtaining work visas, arranging travel, and coordinating job duties and training for international teachers. IAG’s international exchange teacher program benefits K-12 students by providing them with insights about the world from their teachers. Participating teachers also enhance their professional skills and engage in cross-cultural activities within schools and communities.;

Michigan Department of Education

The Michigan Department of Education received funding to develop the Michigan Online Registry for Educators (MORE), a collaborative data system involving multiple agencies. A key aspect of MORE is its focus on connecting credentialing and employment data, helping districts quickly verify staff credentials and ensuring compliance with regulations. This will prevent costly investigations and funding deductions for districts while maintaining educational quality. MORE's design also improves reporting, aiding the state in understanding workforce trends and needs. The system aligns with the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), a federal initiative to standardize education data nationally using a common vocabulary and data models to support education stakeholders and initiatives across the country. 

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