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Licensure & Certification

Address hurdles to obtaining licensure and certification (e.g., costs, understanding the process, options for licensure attainment) while expanding licensure reciprocity both nationally and internationally.


Westside Community Schools 

The Growing our Own - EA to Teacher Ladder Program at Westside Community Schools (Omaha, Nebraska) provides educational assistants and paraprofessionals working within Westside classrooms the chance to elevate their careers by becoming certified teachers. In partnership with Midland University, the program encompasses a blend of academic coursework and hands-on teaching experience, strategically designed to equip paraprofessionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and practical expertise needed for successful teaching. Program participants benefit from active guidance, mentorship, and structured support, aiding them in navigating the transition from their current paraprofessional roles to positions as teachers.;;;; 

UTeach for Texas

UTeach for Texas is an accelerated teacher preparation program designed for individuals with STEM degrees. In just five months, participants undergo training to become secondary school teachers, followed by three years of mentoring as they enter the classroom. This program is based on the successful UTeach model established in 1997 at the University of Texas at Austin. It involves online evening classes paired with practical experience in a secondary classroom, working alongside a mentor teacher. The program's emphasis lies in fostering inquiry-based and project-based learning, a hallmark of UTeach’s approach.; 

Michigan Department of Education

The Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator (PME) campaign enables teachers to rejoin the workforce by allowing districts to request waivers for professional learning requirements. This benefits individuals who left the profession or never entered the profession but obtained their certification at some point. These educators can partner with local education agencies, including public school districts and academies. The campaign aims to remove obstacles to recertification and streamline the process of re-entering the teaching profession.

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