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Preparation Program Alignment

Ensure programs adequately prepare candidates for job requirements. 


The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission 

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) developed a social-emotional learning (SEL) framework that offers recommendations for educator preparation programs (EPPs) to seamlessly integrate SEL competencies across their curricula. The framework rests on the notion that offering comprehensive adult SEL training to all educators, tailored to address the specific daily challenges they encounter, may be highly effective in addressing educator stress. The intended outcomes include: (1) Creating opportunities to recognize, reflect on, and develop one’s own identity as an educator and allow educators to have agency over cultivating that identity, (2) Cultivating emotional resilience to remain an effective and caring educator in the face of adversity, (3) Modeling a safe, courageous and supportive learning and teaching environment where personal growth and self reflection occur out of vulnerability, and (4) Classrooms as natural environments to examine and disrupt systemic inequities by creating space where collaborative, equitable, and just learning can occur. 

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