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Talent Development

Foster employee learning and growth through feedback, interaction, and job-specific training and development. 


Jefferson County Public Schools 

Since 2020, Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS; Louisville, KY) has collaborated with Upbeat, a teacher retention organization founded by former educators. Over the span of two years, teacher retention in Accelerated Improvement Schools within JCPS increased by 12.7%. In Fall 2022, Upbeat conducted a thorough survey focused on research-based aspects affecting teacher retention, such as school atmosphere, recruitment and orientation, professional growth opportunities, teacher involvement and leadership, and teacher recognition. Survey data informed principal actinon plans to improve staff morale, culture, and retention.;; 


Waterbury Public Schools & BloomBoard

Waterbury Public Schools collaborated with BloomBoard to address the teacher shortage and retention challenges by introducing on-the-job professional learning opportunities. The initiative, known as "Waterbury U," offers staff the chance to acquire micro-credentials, which are evidence-based certifications showcasing skills such as classroom management and instruction. Additionally, participants can pursue a master's degree, which can lead to career growth and increased salary prospects. The program is made available at no cost, thanks to federal funding, and welcomes all staff members, including paraeducators and administrators.;;,%2Dthe%2Djob%20professional%20learning;

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