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Employee-Centered Total Rewards Strategy

Align total rewards with employee wants and needs, including access to competitive wages, growth opportunities, and physical and mental health supports.


Maryland State Department of Education

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, a significant legislation passed in 2021, brings extensive changes to Maryland's public schools and early childhood programs. It aims to enhance the state's education system by boosting teacher recruitment and development. This involves increasing the minimum starting salary for teachers statewide, creating a career advancement structure, elevating the quality of teacher training and onboarding, and integrating professional learning and peer collaboration into the school day. By 2026, all Maryland teachers will earn at least $60,000 annually, benefiting new teachers with almost a $15,000 raise in some counties. Additionally, the Blueprint establishes a teacher career ladder that enables educators to progress within their teaching role and earn additional pay. This structure can lead to six-figure salaries depending on the teacher's career stage. Further, the Blueprint acknowledges effective professional development as embedded in the job and supports reorganizing the school day for teacher collaboration and learning directly tied to their responsibilities. 

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