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Flexible Staffing Models

Support work-life integration by exploring flexible or non-traditional work arrangements (e.g., flex schedules, work from home, combining part-time roles).


Michigan Department of Education

Michigan's System of Permits & Staffing Flexibilities aims to grant school districts more control over hiring experienced educators, lower entry barriers, and encourage teaching as a viable career. The system allows those with non-traditional qualifications to obtain temporary permits for K-12 teaching while pursuing full certification. By doing so, it broadens the pool of potential educators, helping to address the teacher shortage. The approach enables individuals with relevant skills and experience to enter teaching even without traditional credentials. While offering an alternate route into teaching, the system upholds high standards for core content knowledge and entry into teacher preparation programs. Permit recipients must demonstrate their subject expertise through testing or coursework and are required to enroll in a teacher preparation program within the first year of teaching. This ensures students are taught by knowledgeable educators committed to the profession. 

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