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Shortage to Surplus

5 Shifts to Address the National Educator Shortage


We know the educator shortage is a national crisis. As a national educational organization, the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) convened representatives from stakeholder organizations, including government, associations, nonprofits, preparation programs and PK-12 education organizations to address shortages. The results of these collaborations produced the white paper, 5 Shifts to Address the National Educator Shortage. This paper moves beyond surface-level shortage responses to examine deeper, systemic issues that contribute to mismatches between educator supply and demand.

Each shift contains high-level recommendations, along with examples of actions that different stakeholder groups can take to address the Educator Shortage. You are encouraged to use and share these to chart a pathway forward. This website highlights each of the 5 Shifts along with highlighting promising practices from higher education, PK-12 education organizations, preparation programs, state departments and more.


Keep scrolling to read the shifts or click here to learn more about the Educator Shortage and current challenges and barriers.



Rio Salado Community College

Rio Salado Community College offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Elementary Education and Special Education is intentionally structured to furnish pre-service teachers with the essential knowledge and competencies essential for achieving their...



Michigan Department
of Education


The Michigan Department of Education received funding to develop the Michigan Online Registry for Educators (MORE), a collaborative data system involving multiple agencies. A key aspect of MORE is its focus on connecting credentialing...



D.C. Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund

In 2022, the District of Columbia achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first jurisdiction in the US to use dedicated public funds to supplement the salaries of early childhood educators. This initiative, known as the Early Childhood...


Poudre School District

The Poudre School District (Fort Collins, CO) has established affinity groups called Employee Affinity Groups (EAGs) that are led and organized by employees. These groups are created based on shared interests, backgrounds...  


Jefferson County Public Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) prioritizes teacher retention by equipping principals with engagement data and leadership coaching, fostering a supportive school environment. The district administers a research-based survey...

Highlighted Promising Practices

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